Catch Twenty Three

Catch Twenty Three restaurant infuses its creativity with flavorful Latin and Caribbean influences served up in a casual, upscale setting. Island music is carried by cool breezes throughout the restaurant, recently renovated with a "Cuban Elegance" motif with a feel of a tropical resort dining room. Mouth watering aromas emanate from the pecan wood grill such as the Certified Fresh Seafood, Angus Beef or Cuban Style Baby Back Ribs.

Brunch/Dinner Menu
Item Name Price
Crab Cake Benedict $16.00
Seafood Omelet $13.00
Chicken and Waffles $12.00
Deep Dish Quiche $10.00
Poached Sea Bass $23.00
Smoked Salmon and Capers Flat bread $11.00
Chilaquiles with Fried Egg $9.00
Lobster Gruyere Grilled Cheese $14.00
Crispy Red Stripe Beer Battered Calamari $9.00
Fish Tacos $12.00
Lobster Escargot $14.00
Blackened Beef Tips $7.00
Coconut Shrimp $10.00
Sautéed Crab Cakes $10.00
Guacamole $9.00
Shredded Pork and Sweet Plantains $8.00
Queso Fundido $8.00
Braised Blue Cheese Mussels $9.00
Coconut Curry Mussels $8.00
Garlicky Shrimp $8.00
Tilapia Ceviche $9.00
“Smitty's Caribbean Style Wings” $9.00
Edamame $6.00
Cuban Sandwich Quesadilla $10.00
Java-Crusted Skirt Steak $13.00
Margherita $8.00
Shrimp Scampi $10.00
Blackened Beef Tips $8.00
Chicken Carbonara $8.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $8.00
Volcano Roll $11.00
California Roll $6.00
Hawaiian Roll $12.00
Tampa Roll $9.00
Lobster Tempura Roll $12.00
The "Hope" Roll $12.00
Dragon Roll $11.00
Yellowtail Scallion $8.00
Seared Tuna $10.00
St. Martin Salad $14.00
The Fish Salad $13.00
Asian Salad $6.00
The Classic Wedge Salad $7.00
Catch Salad $5.00
Caesar Salad $5.00
Lobster Bisque $7.00
Caribbean Fish Stew(Westchase Location Only) $5.00
French Onion Soup $7.00
Wild Mahi Mahi(Westchase location Only) $19.00
Chilean Sea Bass $27.00
North Atlantic Salmon $18.00
Local Black Grouper $25.00
Tilapia $16.00
New England Scallops $25.00
Tuna $24.00
Maine Lobster Tails $28.00
Surf and Turf $39.00
Ribeye $24.00
New York Strip 14 Oz. $27.00
Pork Chop 12 Oz. $17.00
Skirt Steak $21.00
Jerk Pork Tenderloin(Westchase location Only) $15.00
Macadamia Encrusted Chilean Sea Bass $29.00
Paella $19.00
Stuffed Grouper $27.00
Guava Salmon $17.00
Seafood Trio $28.00
Scallops Macadamia Nut Encrusted $26.00
Sautéed Grouper $25.00
Stuffed Shrimp $24.00
Crab Cake “Maryland Style” $19.00
Peppercorn Encrusted Tuna $24.00
Caribbean Chicken $14.00
Macadania Nut Encrusted Chicken $17.00
Steak Diane $26.00
Catch Pasta $18.00
Grouper Sandwich $13.00
Catch's Famous Burger $9.00
Blue Cheese & Bacon Burger $11.00
Lobster & Shrimp Roll $14.00
Cheese Steak Sandwich $12.00

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Not really my shade

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Left my skin a little dry but after moisturizing it felt really smooth and tight

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I'm not a blush fan, and I keep receiving them in my bags....

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